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Expanded Mindset CD


Release Date: 11/12/2020

Discs: 1

The idea of a Blancmange album of extended mixes has been discussed for a few years now and finally here it is - a new, longer version of this year’s Mindset album.

Remixed and reworked by Neil Arthur and Benge over the last few weeks, this new Expanded edition also flips the running order to give it a fresh approach (part accident, part design and hopefully mind expanding!). 

1 When (4:57)
2 Not Really (Virtual Reality) (6:09)
3 Diagram (9.00)
4 Sleep With Mannequin (6.00)
5 Insomniacs Tonight (6.13)
6 Clean Your House (7.01)
7 Antisocial Media (5:59)
8 This Is Bliss (6:14)
9 Warm Reception (6:09)
10 Mindset (7:07)