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Waiting Room (Volume 1) Download


Release Date: 23/03/2020

After postponing the May shows (more news soon) we wanted to do something positive so here’s a brand new Blancmange album, Waiting Room (Volume 1), which is now available to download.

Every time there's a new Blancmange album, some tracks written in the sessions don't make it onto the finished record for all sorts of reasons. Usually it's because they don't fit the direction of the record although sometimes we can't remember why a song didn't go on there. This is a selection of tracks that were written and recorded over the last 3 years. There are more and Neil is writing fresh material all the time so rather cheekily we've named this Volume 1 in the hope that you might like to hear others over the next few years.

In the meantime, these songs seem to resonate with these unprecedented times - certain phrases and atmospheres; song titles and even the flow of the record to the final track, '3 Minutes’.

See what you think!

Once Upon A Summer Morn 3:29 Bundle only
Anxiety Close 4:45 Bundle only
Washing Machine 4:05 Bundle only
Everything Seems Different 4:53 Bundle only
Cast Adrift 4:20 Bundle only
Tideline 3:47 Bundle only
Spiders Are Bejewelled 4:36 Bundle only
What Will Be 4:37 Bundle only
Changing Trains 4:10 Bundle only
3 Minutes 5:44 Bundle only