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Near Future

Ideal Home


Release Date: 18/04/2016

The angular, percussive ‘Ideal Home’ is the debut single by Near Future – a new duo featuring Neil Arthur from Blancmange and art-pop electronic artist, Bernholz.

Beautifully arranged, abstract ideas – sawing violin sounds; applause and sudden bursts of heavier edged beats – illustrate their shared love of texture and atmosphere. Haunting but melodic too, the shared vocals and atmospheric production of ‘Ideal Home’ (with lyrics by Bernholz) maintain a balance between cold, detached observation and human feeling.

Meanwhile, the B-side ‘Overwhelmed’ is more emotional. A quietly moving piece of music written and recorded by Bernholz, the track inspired Neil Arthur to write the words, take the lead vocal and add some further loops and sounds.

Near Future will be recording more material throughout the year and plan to release their debut album in 2017.

Ideal Home 3:56 £0.99
Overwhelmed 2:56 £0.99