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Commuter 23 CD Album

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Release Date: 11/03/2016

Discs: 1

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Following the critically acclaimed ‘music pop art’ of the Semi Detached album in spring 2015 and Blancmange’s first ever instrumental album, Nil By Mouth last September, they return with Commuter 23 – a 14 tracks of electronic minimalism, sharp lyrics and wintry romanticism. The sense of freedom and experimentation of Nil By Mouth is still present, but whereas that album had a lighter ambient feel, Commuter 23’s textures are rougher, more aggressive, ripped out of imagery that flickers between the surreal and the mundane; a sense of humour that is so dry it’s almost bleak and then at times sounds like it’s rising into a crazy, maniacal laugh.

01. Red Shift (Blame Thrower)
02. Flight 2157
03. Commuter 23
04. I Wish I Was You
05. Last Night (I Dreamt I Had A Job)
06. Jack Knife
07. Elemental Change
08. Waiting All The Time
09. NHS
10. It'll Pass Maybe
11. Judge Mental
12. Scarred
13. St Paul's
14. Time Day_Night